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5/13: Joanne Robertson and Kool Music live at Ergot Records

Saturday, May 13th at 9 pm
Ergot Records
32 E. 2nd St.
New York, NY 10003


In March, we wrote of Joanne Robertson’s recent Blue Car LP:

“Collected from Joanne Robertson’s archive of unreleased solo recordings, these songs were put to tape as a form of diary entry, impressionistically chronicling her emotions over a ten year period. Like her best work, the gossamer vignettes provide an immediate charm, but seem to slip away as easily as they appear, fleetingly present for but a moment. With repeated listens—and believe us, you’ll want to keep flipping this platter ad infinitum—the diamonds emerge from the rough, a quality all the more arresting in this era of quick fixes.

Listeners unfamiliar with Robertson’s work might recognize her angelic voice from her numerous collaborations with/as a member of the Dean Blunt project. On about our 20th listen as we write now, we’re reminded of the heavenly light of Shelleyan Orphan, Loren Connors’ ephemeral blues, Sibylle Baier’s solitude, Pink Reason’s bummer trip, and the hypnotic fingerpicking of Sun Kil Moon—those are all compliments of the highest order.”